Friday, October 15, 2010

Masonry Heater with Clay and Stone facing, Worcester, Vermont

Hi folks and friends! This is my most recent masonry stove, built in Worcester, Vermont. It is a retrofit, and is heating a partially earth-covered home that is being renovated. The fieldstone is from a local source, and the finish is in American Clay, skip troweled, with two shades of the color Moab. Hope you like it!
Also this year, and not yet pictured on my blog, I have done clay plastering of walls and ceilings in two rooms and a stairwell in a home here in north-central Vermont. I enjoyed that project very much, and hope to do more clay plaster work. It is a wonderful substitute for paint. I hope to get some pictures to show you! Other projects have included renovating an old brick fireplace with a new stone face and integrating some wood cabinetry and mantle, and a soapstone hearth and lintel stone. Another renovation was re-finishing some cinder-block chimney-tops with a new stone face and stone rain caps.
Happy Thanksgiving!