Friday, December 7, 2007

Thanks to Masonry Mentors, Employers, Teachers...

For a while I've been wanting to send out a big eternal THANK YOU!
to all the masonry people without who's expertise and sharing I'd never be able to do this...
and some links to their web sites if possible.

David G. Peters, Stonemasonry, Bozeman, Montana

William Davenport, Turtlerock Masonry Heat, Masonry Heater Association V.P.,Burlington, Vermont

Norber Senf, Masonry Stove Builders, MHA Pres., Shawville, Quebec

Erik Nilsen, Thermal Mass Inc., Dalton, NH,

Masonry Heater Association of North America,
A great resource for people in the trade of building masonry heaters and for people interested in masonry heaters.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Saturday, November 17, 2007

New Pictures- Masonry Heater, Fireplace, Hearth, Chimney Top

Masonry Heater progress in Chester

from the front

right face

left face

brick chimney top for Chester heater

New Pictures of Fireplace (near Montpelier)

fireplace front

with spark screen

view of chimney from the great room

around the side to the left of fireplace

and around the right side

another view of the chimney from the top of the stairs

Hearth at Wes's House

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Masonry Heater Projects and Chimney building in Vermont

Masonry Heater in Cabot , VTThis heater was built with parts and hardware from Turtlerock inc, Maine Wood Heat, and Masonry Stove Builders. The hookup for a wood stove is for use until the heater is finished by the homeowners in clay and tile. I'll update with more photos when it's completely done.

Living room side of Cabot Heater

Another view of the living room side bench

The large bench stones set on heated bench, Chester, Vermont

Stone work going up around heat-kit core

...and the back side and chimney

A chimney I built in Worchester, VT

Finished in grey stucco, with beautiful fall colors

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Masonry Heater under construction. Chester, Vermont

A masonry heater (or stove) that was started last year in the fall at the Gustafsons' home under construction in Chester, VT, is now being faced with a local stone of the mica schist variety. Here are just a few photos of the stonework in progress, now ready for some big slabs for the bench top that wraps around three sides of this Heat-Kit from Masonry Stove Builders, assembled by myself last November.

Rumford Fireplace in Montpelier: Stone work complete

Greetings! and finally, here are a few digital photos of the fireplace at the Nishiyachi residence under construction in Central Vermont. The firebox is oriented at 45degrees into the main living area, or great room. The stone is South Bay Quartzite from Champlain Stone Co. and Cleary Stone in Richmond. The home is being constructed by Montpelier Construction, Chris Miksic GC.
Chimney up to the ceiling.

Bench stones set today.

One view of the back side of the fireplace.

The front of the fireplace

Another view from the side

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Miscellaneous Project Pictures

Corinthian Granite hearth wall, bluestone hearth floor. Middlesex, VT

Alan Scott Oven built for Patchwork Farm and Bakery, East Hardwick, VT.
Water struck brick facing in bakery.

Backside view of the oven before insulation and wall:

Chimney top in Middlesex, VT
Masonry Heater in Westford, VT
Water struck brick and corinthian granite(quartzite schist), and bluestone

Heat-Kit assembled, Chester, VT

Getting close to the ceiling, cinder block chimney to be faced with stone from a local quarry
Chester, VT

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Used brick Masonry heater, Stone Wall

back side of fireplace chimney.

heated masonry bench of bluestone. Lyndonville, VT

Back side of masonry heater, Lyndonville, VT
Used brick with Bluestone.

Stonework facing den, on the back side of fireplace and chimney