Sunday, September 2, 2007

Masonry Heater under construction. Chester, Vermont

A masonry heater (or stove) that was started last year in the fall at the Gustafsons' home under construction in Chester, VT, is now being faced with a local stone of the mica schist variety. Here are just a few photos of the stonework in progress, now ready for some big slabs for the bench top that wraps around three sides of this Heat-Kit from Masonry Stove Builders, assembled by myself last November.

Rumford Fireplace in Montpelier: Stone work complete

Greetings! and finally, here are a few digital photos of the fireplace at the Nishiyachi residence under construction in Central Vermont. The firebox is oriented at 45degrees into the main living area, or great room. The stone is South Bay Quartzite from Champlain Stone Co. and Cleary Stone in Richmond. The home is being constructed by Montpelier Construction, Chris Miksic GC.
Chimney up to the ceiling.

Bench stones set today.

One view of the back side of the fireplace.

The front of the fireplace

Another view from the side