Sunday, June 3, 2007

Miscellaneous Project Pictures

Corinthian Granite hearth wall, bluestone hearth floor. Middlesex, VT

Alan Scott Oven built for Patchwork Farm and Bakery, East Hardwick, VT.
Water struck brick facing in bakery.

Backside view of the oven before insulation and wall:

Chimney top in Middlesex, VT
Masonry Heater in Westford, VT
Water struck brick and corinthian granite(quartzite schist), and bluestone

Heat-Kit assembled, Chester, VT

Getting close to the ceiling, cinder block chimney to be faced with stone from a local quarry
Chester, VT

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Used brick Masonry heater, Stone Wall

back side of fireplace chimney.

heated masonry bench of bluestone. Lyndonville, VT

Back side of masonry heater, Lyndonville, VT
Used brick with Bluestone.

Stonework facing den, on the back side of fireplace and chimney