Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Pictures from Wolcott: Masonry heater, Rumford fireplace, cookstove, chimney...

Greetings! everyone, here are some pictures from 2009's big project out in Wolcott, Vermont. These are the last ones I took before my camera stopped working, and the work has since been completed and cleaned up, and a lot more progress was made with the rest of the house. So I'll be hoping to get some better pics when a new camera comes into my life. The picture above is the first fire in the semi-circular double-bell (masonry heater) that sits slightly above and back-to-back with the Rumford fireplace you will see in the pictures below. This project also includes a hearth for a wood-burning cookstove and hookups for small wood stoves into the chimney upstairs, one in each bedroom. Essentially, it is a huge tower right in the center of a 12-sided home.
Michael's first hand-built semi-circular double-bell masonry heater

Nothing like cooking with wood fire too!

What you'd see (before finished floor) from the kitchen, or from the hearth of the fireplace.

Wish I could keep it!

In one of the 2 Bedrooms
The 2x4 studs are gone now. Top of stairs hallway.
Chimney top.


starla22 said...

I would love to know the square footage of this home. This is very similar to what I envision in our future (strawbale) home and I'm curious what the minimum amount of space needed would be. I am hoping to build a 450 sq-ft round or octagonal house. Thanks!

Michael Thronson said...

@starla22...please send me an email at

I will contact the builders or homeowners to try and find out the radius (12 sided).